SR Connect & Jackson County provide free Wi-Fi at Lum Cumbest Park

March 23, 2024

Singing River Connect is announcing its partnership with Jackson County to provide free Wi-Fi service at Lum Cumbest Park in Hurley. At East Central Civic Association’s Old Fashion Day event on Saturday, March 23, Singing River Connect representatives will visit with attendees to promote the park’s SmartTown Community Wi-Fi along with the speed and local customer service Singing River Connect provides to its fiber internet subscribers.

SmartTown offers community-wide Wi-Fi coverage made possible by a high-speed fiber connection and is secure, safe, and simple to use. Signs bearing QR codes are strategically placed throughout Lum Cumbest Park, allowing visitors to download PassPoint and access Singing River Connect SmartTown Wi-Fi for free. Visitors can roam freely and stay connected while attending sporting events and other activities at the park.

“The Lum Cumbest Park SmartTown Wi-Fi project extends the Concern for Community cooperative principle to the fiber internet side of our business and lets all park visitors experience what true high-speed fiber internet is,” said Singing River Electric/Connect Manager of Business Operations Nick DeAngelo. “We entered the fiber internet business on behalf of Singing River Electric members and our local communities so they could have the best internet service available.”

“We are proud to partner with Singing River Electric in providing this service to our citizens,” said Jackson County District 1 Supervisor Barry Cumbest. “We feel this is another opportunity to enhance the experience our visitors will have at Lum Cumbest Park.”

Singing River Connect, a broadband affiliate of Singing River Electric, provides high-speed fiber internet and local customer service to 7,300 subscribers. Maps of areas where service is available can be found at New areas opening for sign-ups are announced on Facebook/Instagram (SingingRiverConnect) and X (SRConnectMS).

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