Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members and the communities we serve. Highspeed internet service is not readily available throughout our local communities. We want to help SRE members and local businesses cross the digital divide. We are also utilizing fiber service by installing SCADA equipment in our SRE substations to decrease electricity outage times and benefit SRE members.

We are ready to help connect south Mississippi; however, building a fiber-to-the-home network takes time. SR Connect is bringing lightning-fast, fiber-to-the-home service locally to three areas.  

  • (REVISED) SR Connect’s first fiber internet area serves the Brewer community and began receiving fiber service in December 2021. 
  • (REVISED) The second area serves the Cartersville and Daisy communities and parts of Vestry road and began receiving fiber service in January 2022. 
  • (REVISED) The third fiber area serves Agricola's Movella feeder and Highway 613 North feeder and began receiving fiber service in March 2022. 

We will be announcing Phase 2 areas within Jackson, George, Greene, and Wayne counties in the coming months and continue to ask for your patience as we strive to support the communities we serve. 

Fiber optics can carry data using light waves, resulting in faster speeds than traditional copper lines. Our fiber-to-the-home network will be more reliable than other types of networks and have fewer complications from lightning and other elements. It will also allow subscribers to use multiple devices at the same time to watch movies, game, and stream as much as they want.

Submit your contact information and pre-register for service. It’s that simple. A customer service representative will contact you when we are installing fiber in your area.

Don’t renew contracts with your current internet service provider. This will help us get you connected to affordable fiber internet as quickly as possible.

Phase 1 expansion, as well as Phase 2 of fiber internet service, was approved by our board of directors in April 2022. This expansion brings the total miles of fiberoptic cable to 2,000 and reaches more than 12,000 potential subscribers in George, Jackson, Greene, Perry, and Wayne counties.

We know that many people outside of those fiber internet areas are eager to get connected as well. We understand how frustrating it is to live without reliable, high-speed internet.

We will be announcing Phase 2 areas in the coming months and continue to ask for your patience as we strive to support the communities we serve. 

Click here, submit your information and express an interest in fiber service.

Encourage your neighbors to do so as well! And if you have friends who are in the fiber internet areas, please encourage them to sign up for our SR Connect fiber. Future broadband expansion is dependent on the success of these areas.

Click here and search for your address.

If you’re in a Phase 1 internet area, sign up for service, and don’t renew your contract with your existing internet service provider.

If you’re outside of these areas, submit your information to express an interest. Your response will help us plan future broadband expansion. So search your address—and spread the word!

We will post updates on this website, We’ll also share more frequent updates on our new social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to look up Singing River Connect on your preferred platforms and click Follow or Like to stay in the know.