100 Mbps plan subscribers now upgraded to 300 Mbps

July 10, 2024

Since connecting our first subscriber in December 2021, Singing River Connect has learned so much about our fiber network and its capabilities.

After observing our system performance, all Singing River Connect subscribers on the 100 Mbps plan are being upgraded to a new 300 Mbps plan at no additional cost!

Our employees made this upgrade effective on July 8, 2024. Subscribers should be experiencing faster speeds and see the 300 Mbps package listed on their July billing statement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The only thing our 100 Mbps – now 300 Mbps – subscribers need to do is take advantage of the increased speed. Now that our subscribers have this fast fiber internet, they are likely connecting more devices and branching out into cameras and smart home devices. This upgrade gives our subscribers the speed to continue expanding their internet-based possibilities.

Being a Singing River Connect subscriber is different from being a customer at another internet service provider. Singing River Connect is owned by Singing River Electric, a cooperative, which means we focus more on people than profits. When we saw the opportunity to upgrade our subscribers, deciding to do it was easy.

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