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Secure Wi-Fi at Lum Cumbest Park from SR Connect

We are excited to extend SR Connect’s excellent Wi-Fi experience outside the home and into our local community.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected with SmartTown Wi-Fi

Your online world is not contained within your home – and now your fiber internet service isn’t either! SR Connect is now offering SmartTown Wi-Fi, a secure, authenticated Wi-Fi connection that allows our subscribers to access a secure network at Lum Cumbest Park in the Hurley community. Put to rest your worries about security, mobile data use, connectivity, and roam freely.

What to know about SmartTown

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    SmartTown Wi-Fi has better range and is more secure than other public Wi-Fi networks.

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    SmartTown Wi-Fi users go through an authentication process, ensuring your connection is protected from hackers, viruses, and other online threats.

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    You can save your mobile data for when you really need it.

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    No more capping out your data plan or experiencing throttled speeds. Use SmartTown around Lum Cumbest Park in Jackson County and save your data for back-up.

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    Your SR Connect connection travels with you to Lum Cumbest Park.

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    No need to log in and out of multiple Wi-Fi networks at the park. Log in once to SmartTown and have access.

SR Connect subscribers can request SmartTown access instructions by sending an email to 

QR codes at Lum Cumbest Park allow park visitors to connect to SR Connect SmartTown Wi-Fi.