Check Your Service Availability

Reference our fiber area maps below to see if you are in an active SR Connect fiber service area. If you live in an active fiber area, you can click the link below to sign up for fiber internet and make your initial payment. If you are not in an active area, you can click the link below and sign up for email notifications and be added to our list of future subscribers.

Once you click the link below, you will be prompted for your SmartHub login information, which is the same login information used to make SRE online bill payments. You must be a Singing River Electric member and a registered SmartHub user. You can create a SmartHub account if you do not have one.

Once you log in, click on "SR Connect Fiber Internet" under Quick Links on the left of the screen.

(Use the same SmartHub login you use for SRE online bill payments.)

If you have received a Call Now postcard/email or know you are in an open fiber area Call to Sign Up

Our Fiber Internet Areas