Want to limit screen time? Open your SR Connect app

February 28, 2023

Screen time is a common topic for parents and grandparents, especially in light of your child’s attention span.

Below are the average attention spans of children at different ages. Where do your kids fall?

2 years old: four to six minutes

4 years old: eight to 12 minutes

6 years old: 12 to 18 minutes

8 years old: 16 to 24 minutes

10 years old: 20 to 30 minutes

12 years old: 24 to 36 minutes

14 years old: 28 to 42 minutes

16 years old: 32 to 48 minutes

Sometimes less is more, and less screen time can result in improved focus on important tasks like schoolwork. Using the My SR Connect app, ExperienceIQ, and ProtectIQ you can schedule offline times, add time limits, filter content, and set usage and device priority.

Learn more at singingriverconnect.com/app-a/#upgrade.

To limit screen time, download and open The My SR Connect app and watch this instructional video.

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