The life cycle of a modern phone

August 8, 2022

“We are living in a mobile-first era,” says Stephen Johnston, co-founder of Aging2.0 and founder of Fordcastle, an innovation consultancy.

“Many new smart devices “whether it’s a smart collar for their pet or security device, it’s all coming into the phone.”

How often do you really need a new one?

Companies may pressure you to upgrade your smartphone every one to two years, but you can go three years or longer.

Reasons NOT to upgrade:

  • For a better camera
  • For a different cellular connection

Reasons to upgrade:

  • For the latest updates, if your current phone can’t support them.
  • For battery life, if your phone holds a charge for half a day or less.
  • For a bigger screen.
  • Published by AARP Magazine, September 2022

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