SRC reaches 5,000th fiber internet subscriber

September 18, 2023

Singing River Connect installed fiber internet service for its 5,000th subscriber in September 2023. George County residents Hector and Eva Elizondo received a 43” smart TV to celebrate this milestone.

“It’s awesome to be the 5,000th subscriber,” said Eva Elizondo. “With our previous provider, the service struggled when it rained, and we lost service. It rained yesterday, and this service never buffered while we were watching a movie.”

“Thank you to the Elizondo family for becoming SR Connect subscribers and helping mark this great achievement for our company,” said Brian Hughey, General Manager and CEO of Singing River Electric/SR Connect. “Our fiber network is growing steadily, and the feedback about the speed and quality of the service is tremendously positive.”

SR Connect is currently offering high-speed fiber internet in 11 Singing River Electric substation areas throughout seven counties; this represents Phases 1 and 2 of the fiber build-out.

Phase 3 is fully underway with the six steps of fiber construction occurring throughout nine Singing River Electric substation areas to reach more than 12,000 potential SR Connect subscribers. Contract crews are building approximately 45 miles of fiber lines and performing 100 installations each week.

Singing River Electric’s board of directors recently approved construction for Phase 4, which will reach more than 18,000 potential SR Connect subscribers.

New areas opening for sign-ups are announced on SR Connect’s Facebook, Instagram, and X pages. Maps of areas where service is available can be found at

SR Connect, a broadband affiliate of Singing River Electric, provides fiber internet service with the speed and reliability needed to power smart home and streaming devices, as well as the freedom to work or go to school from home and access telemedicine resources. Visit to express an interest and see if SR Connect is installing fiber internet in your area. Join our conversations on Facebook/Instagram (SingingRiverConnect) and X (SRConnectMS) for more information.

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